Touchless Trash Cabinet You might just feel like the Jetsons with the latest kitchen technology on the market. I have watched the kitchen and bath industry's technology really advance in the last 10 years. The trend is products that do more for you. The first thing we saw was "soft closing" or "self closing" drawers which were a huge innovation. They are now considered the industry standard. More recently we can purchase faucets that turn on with just a touch and cabinets that open and close with just a tap. This makes less work and saves time for the kitchen user. It may feel like we are living in the "future" sooner than we think! So what kind of new gadgets can you expect to see? Cabinets that open themselves? YES! Garbage cans that close themselves? YUP! Remote electronic cabinet locks? UH HUH! Hidden pop up power strips? GOT EM!

Check out this video featuring this video amazing new technology for your Kitchen offered by Omega Cabinets available at our East Hanover NJ location.

The only thing the kitchen in this video doesn't do is cook and clean for you...but hey-maybe someday!