Go for the Gold

I Like Gold.

If you get that reference, then you have a good sense of humor.

To my surprise and astonishment…gold is making a comeback! This fall as I perused all of my fall furniture catalogs one trend was constant…gold accents. Crate and Barrel, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, Z Gallerie etc are all featuring this trend. Modern color pallets of Brown, Black, Pewter and Gray were featured but with one new twist-gold accents! Yes, GOLD. Some were a muted brushed gold and other were shiny bling bling gold. Before you make a face and say YUK, check it out…if used in a modern design it’s pretty darn cool. Why? Because just like fashion we tire of things and the silver trend is becoming, well, a little tired. When the trend has truly reached its limits it usually goes the total opposite direction. (So watch out for wide leg pants, too ladies).

So what does this mean for Kitchens and Baths? My prediction is lookout for a GOLD comeback. These trends will trickle over to our industry before you know it! I think it will resurface as a more muted look than the old school shiny polished brass, more of a re-invented gold. Not quite an antique brass but more like a Brushed French gold. Just like clothing you either follow trends or you don’t-so don’t feel pressure if your not into it. Or if you’re anti-committal then simply try a gold vase. On the other hand if you like to be up on the trends or ahead of them like myself…then GO FOR THE GOLD!!!