In the zone

Today’s kitchen is an integral part of family life. It is not simply a utilitarian place to store, prepare and cook food as in bygone days. Today’s kitchen is literally the hub of the home. This is where we gather, prepare meals, eat, drink, make phone calls, chat, hang out, pay bills, and surf the web-just to name a few. Most modern families have very busy lifestyles that rely on technology and the kitchen serves as a command center for our lives. The modern kitchen of today includes several zones, each designated to a specific utility. This is also an important in designing for open concept spaces in an organized way. Unless your building a new home chances are you will have to remove a wall add an addition to gain the space needed. One of my favorite zones to include is an electronics zone. This can include a hidden flat screen TV with pocket doors, a concealed or open garage for charging and storing laptops, ipads and cell phones. This would ideally be next to a desk zone. Many zones can be lifestyle specific- it can be a gourmet coffee zone (another personal favorite), a wine bar, a baking zone etc… These are all in addition to your traditional kitchen work triangle and should not interrupt your workflow. A professional kitchen designer can help to efficiently plan all of these elements into your new space. Be sure to "get in the zone" when designing your new kitchen!