HOW TO SERIES: How to Install beadboard in your bathroom.

Wainscoting or Beadboard is a popular look in many New Jersey bathrooms. It adds a touch of charm and cottage style to a new bathroom. It also looks great as a Jersey Seashore look paired with green and blue color palates. It is sold in sheets and can be either painted or stained. For example, crisp white beadboard looks great with a colored wall paper or paint above. Try a vintage or cottage style bathroom vanity with a classic cross handle faucet or country style bridge faucet. The result is an enduring style that will be pleasing for years to come!

Here is a step by step guide to installing bead board or wainscoting in your bathroom.
  • Decide how high you want the beadboard by factoring in the height of the windows and vanity counter top or sink height. We recommend 42”-45” from the baseboard. Expert tip: Charlie recommends to extend the height of the bead board higher than the top of the vanity to create a “backsplash” and elongate the height of the room.
  • Remove the vanity or sink rather than trying to work around if it is pre-existing. Once you have decided where you want the bead board to end, mark the height at several places on the wall. Use a laser guide, chalk line or level and pencil to mark the height line all around the room.
  • Measure the length of the walls and multiply that number by the height you have pre-determined to calculate how many square feet you will need. The length can be used to calculate linear feet of chair rail molding and base molding.
  • Adhere the bead board to the wall using glue and nails. Slide each panel side to side so there is full coverage on the panel and on the wall. Expert tip: Then use what Charlie calls the “scissoring” technique. Hammer 2 nails at a 45 degree angle instead of straight for a stronger hold.
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