Help, I'm afraid of color!

Our Northern New Jersey Clients tend to have a fear of bold color when designing a new Kitchen or Bathroom space. I say, fear no More! People in general tend to feel safer under a veil of beige because you can’t really “mess up” a neutral pallet (I am even guilty of this sometimes myself). The outcome is a space that is inherently lacking something- it’s missing that pop that brings excitement and personality to the space. I recently watched an inspiring interview with design icon, Jonathan Adler-a master at designing with bright and fun colors. “Your home should make you happy”. I could not agree more! He went on to say he would rather die in a room full of persimmon than in a sea of beige. Dramatic? Yes, but there is something to be said here. Just a pop of color can bring the room alive and even brighten your mood. Try starting out with a bold accent color if you are hesitant to submerge yourself in a kaleidoscope of color. Say goodbye to blah beige and hello to sunshine!

Tips and tricks for a Kitchen design using a pop of bold color:
  • Choose crisp white cabinetry and white/grey veined countertops with slight contrast
  • Anchor the room with an earth toned wood floor
  • Professional stainless steel kitchen appliances are essential
  • Try a tone on tone but unexpected print wallpaper
  • Use bold color as an accent- try a table, chairs or window treatments in chartreuse or your favorite bold color
  • Tie in a bright piece of art with you accent color
  • Accessorize using complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) i.e. red & green
  • Enhance with organic elements with color such a green plants and green apples
  • Add a dramatic dark contrast with a black/dark brown iron light fixture and door hardware
The NKBA 2013 1st place kitchen design is a fabulous example. Well done!

What I love about this design is that the kitchen itself is classic and functional making for a great investment. 15-20 years down the road you can always re-decorate with a new color for the chairs, a new piece of wall art and new wallpaper and re-invent your entire kitchen without the expense of remodeling!