Finding a new bathroom vanity

Navigating today’s bathroom vanity marketplace can be daunting. Your first stop is Google…enter search “bathroom vanity”. Boom. Here you are blasted by the biggest suppliers peddling you the lowest quality import bathroom vanities at ridiculously high mark ups unbeknownst to the buyer. You cannot discern the quality or value so you continue your search elsewhere.

Next stop may be Houzz or Pinterest to get some ideas-and these are great places to find ideas and inspiration. These are bathrooms in high end or multi-million dollar homes which usually feature custom or luxury products. You are most likely looking at the best of the best when you pin an image or save to your idea book. When I see the these pictures I can instantly identify the $1,000 Rohl faucet, $5,000 custom glass shower doors, $10,000 in custom cabinets and built ins, Italian marble tile that is $25 sq ft and so on. What you are really looking at is a bathroom that likely costs 50k. Dream crusher, I know.

Now what? How do you find a new bathroom cabinet that meets you style & quality standards and your budget? Nothing replaces the experience you can gain in a good kitchen and bath showroom. Here you can get out of the virtual world and back into reality. You can see actual vanity samples, colors and styles. You can open the cabinet and touch and feel the finish. You can speak to a professional who will understand what you are looking for and is capable of finding you the perfect fit. You can see which bathroom cabinet cost one thousand dollars and which costs three thousand dollars. More importantly you can be educated to understand the difference.